I AM writing to you about the lack of shops in our town.

What is going on?

It is certainly not as good as Leigh, Widnes market and Wigan, they certainly are the tops.

Their indoor markets are brilliant also they are able to keep Marks and Spencer.

I am 76 years old and went to Widnes rather than shop in our town.

All you see in the new market is eateries, lots and lots of tables inside to eat and also outside to eat.

I just lost count in my head how many restaurants and café and food providers.

If you want to go out and dine, the best town is Warrington.

As for our convenience stores hardly any at all, thank god for Heron Foods.

And to top it all the one clothes shop in our market is closing down and other shops in the mall have gone.

I have heard the cobblers are shutting down in the mall as well as other good shops that we have lost such as Marks and Spencer, Evans and Debenham.

Please, please councillors open your eyes and sort something out.

Go and take a look at the atmosphere in all the towns I have mentioned.

I never shop in our town at all now as I go out to these other towns as they have more variety.

I have dared to write this letter to see what response we have off our other town folk.

By the way, I am proud to be born and bred in Warrington but to me all I can see is shops shutting down.

It is very sad.

By the way, if people think ‘oh it is her age’, I am a very active and happy pensioner along with plenty of other active ones who use the bus route to get to these other towns.