REGARDING the letter of the lady who pointed out about the lack of shops and too many cafes and restaurants in our town (Warrington Guardian, July 1).

She was spot on.

We need a Co-op and everyone I speak to is always disappointed about the closure of Marks and Spencer.

Is there nothing we could do to get perhaps a petition going?

I always shopped at the Co-op in town.

The premises are still empty.

It is a real shame and with Marks and Spencer going as well, we really do need shops like this back.

I want to ask readers of the Guardian just to see what sort of people would respond and maybe the council would listen to us Warrington people.

We need these shops back for sure.

It would be interesting to see what response you get from the public.

There are too many eateries and not enough convenient stores for us.

Many elderly cannot get to Gemini Retail Park and love Marks and Spencer.

It was a very busy shop.

Every day I don’t understand why they shut it.

They could not have been at a loss surely.

MRS WARD Warrington