A THEME park dedicated to all things Nintendo is set to open next year – and visitors will be able to play real-life Mario Kart.

Super Nintendo World is themed entirely on Nintendo games – with most of its inspiration coming from characters from the Super Mario series and the Mushroom Kingdom.

From those who grew up with the NES, Game Boy and Super Nintendo to Switch gamers and everything in between, the attraction is aimed at all generations of players.

It is scheduled to open next spring as part of the Universal Studios Japan complex in Osaka.

Early details reveal that there will be giant sculptures of iconic Nintendo characters and a Mario Kart ride is part of the fun – with the ability to launch banana skins and shells.

In true Nintendo style, the park will be entirely interactive too. A 'power up band' will allow guests to jump and hitting blocks to collect virtual coins and items and compete with others.

There will also be a Mario cafe and, of course, a store full of exclusive merchandise.

Super Nintendo World was originally due to open this year ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but the plans were forced to be shelved following the coronavirus pandemic.

If it proves popular enough, Universal Studios and Nintendo have indicated there could be similar parks built in Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore.