WOULD you dare explore an abandoned orphanage and hospital in the middle of the night?

That is what ghost hunting company Haunted Happenings is offering at a 'frightening and very active building' in the north west.

Those brave enough can search for evidence of the paranormal at Newsham Park Hospital.

The Grade II-listed building in Liverpool has been used as an orphanage, a psychiatric hospital and a nursing home throughout its 138-year history.

Warrington Guardian:

It has recently reopened after being closed for 18 months for fire protection work.

A spokesman for Haunted Happenings said: "This orphanage, turned hospital, dates back to the Victorian era where punishments were harsh and cruel and this sprawling building now lies empty and abandoned with a sinister and frightening feel to it.

"The many corridors, wards, accommodation blocks and particularly the Morgue are the epitome of a haunted building and we have exclusive access for the whole night."

The ghost hunts resume on September 4 with social distancing measures in place and are already selling out fast. To see what is available visit hauntedhappenings.co.uk/newsham-park-hospital-ghost-hunts