THRILL seekers are being sought for a new snorkel cage experience at Sea Life Manchester.

The new feature launches on March 20, giving visitors the chance to get closer than ever before to the aquarium’s underwater world of more than 1,000 creatures.

Explorers brave enough to duck their head under water in the attraction’s 500,000 litre ocean tank will come face to fin with three shark species including black tip reef sharks measuring up to 1.6m in length, near-threatened brown banded bamboo sharks and Tessa the resident nurse shark.

Snorkellers taking a dip at the Barton Square attraction need not worry about becoming shark food however, they’ll be fully protected by a slatted perspex cage, providing unrivalled views of the underwater world.

Gliding alongside the sharks, swimmers can also expect to see stingrays measuring more than 1m in length and meet the king and queen of Sea Life’s ocean tank, Cammie and Ernie, the much-loved giant green sea turtles, among more than 30 other types of creatures. If news of the new feature isn’t exciting enough, SEA LIFE has launched a search for two people with the greatest love (or fear!) of sharks to take the very first public plunge!

General manager Jenn McDonough said: “Movies like Jaws have instilled a widespread fear about sharks however they are highly intelligent and on the whole, placid creatures. With this new feature we are looking forward to further educating visitors on all our wonderful marine creatures and reiterating the importance of taking care of our oceans for generations to come.”


Sea Life has launched a search for two people with the greatest love - or fear - of sharks to take the first public plunge.

To be in with a chance of winning simply click here and tell the team why you would love to see sharks swim right past your eyes.

Alternatively email  Entrants must be 10 or over and a competent swimmer. Children under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult in the snorkel cage.