A THEATRE company will be taking innovation to a new level when they recreate a cult classic film shot-for-shot – live on stage.

More than 50 years after its release, Imitating the Dog AND Leeds Playhouse will be teaming up to ‘remix’ George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

Seven performers will be adapting the 1968 movie which began as a low-budget horror and ended up bringing zombie fiction into the mainstream. Armed with cameras, a box of props, and a rail of costumes, the team will be attempting to recreate the film – that features 1,076 edits in 95 minutes – in real time.

Russ Streiner, who produced and appeared as Johnny in the original film, said: “Before Night Of The Living Dead became the classic film it is, it started as a collection of ideas and story points – story points that are timeless in their reflection of the human condition. We are thrilled that Imitating the Dog and Leeds Playhouse have teamed up to present their own authorised fresh and exciting retelling of the story that began over 50 years ago for us.”

Night of the Living Dead: Remix will be at Home in Manchester from March 18 to 21.