THEY were one of the favourites from last year’s line-up of emerging talent at Warrington Music Festival.

Now Crawlers are preparing for a profile raising headline set at Fat Cat Ball Room in Cairo Street at the weekend.

The table tennis bar has teamed up with Writer’s Block Promotions to host its first music festival tomorrow, Friday.

Holly Minto, who sings and plays trumpet with Crawlers, said: “When we got asked to play, we never would have expected to headline the event.

“We’ve played with and seen so many of the other bands too, it’s going to be such a fantastic event.

“There are lots of cool things going on in the Warrington music scene at the moment.

“Obviously The Ks have blown up which we’re so proud to see, but there’s so many interesting acts like Hollow Vandals, Abi Rose Kelly and Kula Bay.

“Warrington has such a great way of showing off its amazing scene – we’re so thankful to be part of it.”

Crawlers formed in June 2018 thanks to Liv Kettle meeting Holly at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts sixth form college.

The 20-year-old proved to be the band’s missing jigsaw piece as bassist Liv, guitarist Amy Woodall and drummer Ben McKeown, who all went to St Gregory’s, had been in and out of bands together but had never had a vocalist before.

Holly added: “We all spoke about loving bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zepplin, Nirvana and Muse but we wanted to put a new spin on things by infusing trumpet, backing vocals and political lyrics.”

The rockers wrote their first song while preparing for a gig at a friend’s birthday.

It became the single, So Tired, that has been played more than 100,000 times on streaming sites like Spotify.

“We never aimed for the sound we have, it just came naturally with jamming,” said Holly.

‘We just love heavy rock music and that feeling when you discover a riff you all can’t stop talking about’

“We played around with a lot of sounds as my background is in classical and jazz singing and Amy was interested in infusing some dreamier loops into the mix but it wasn’t us.

“We just love heavy rock music and that feeling when you discover a riff and ride it to make a song you all can’t stop talking about after rehearsals.

“I’m glad we played around with the sound, and we’re glad our sound isn’t prevalent in Warrington.

“We always stand out on our line-ups, we rarely find a band that has a similar sound and when we do we always get so excited.

“We have people who come out just to see us and what we do in the scene and that makes us feel amazing. We never thought we’d have anything like that.”

After their set at Fat Cat Festival, Crawlers are hoping to delve into the Manchester scene.

The four-piece would also recommend Warrington Music Festival ‘in a heartbeat’ after they had the chance to reach hundreds of new listeners in their hometown.

Holly added: “I think because of our unique sound it shook up the crowd and made our set memorable.

“There were so many people around who weren’t even there to see the music – as the festival is at Golden Square at the weekend – and they stopped and watched us play.

“We were so nervous, we never thought we’d play to a crowd that big. If any band in Warrington could get on that stage, we’d recommend it in a heartbeat because the amount of gigs we got from it and amazing friends we’ve made has been insane.”

Fat Cat Festival at Fat Cat Ball Room in Cairo Street takes place on Friday and is free.

The band stage will feature Crawlers, China Moon, Hollow Lane, TicNoToc, Aaron Ellis, Arm Chair Captains and Good Talk.

There will also be an acoustic stage with Scott Simpson, Junior Dayvis, Dylan Rodriguez, King Fast, Katie Brown, Lee Egerton and Alison Benson. Acoustic stage headliner Scott Simpson is a singer-songwriter from Runcorn who recently released his debut single, St Margaret.