A POP-UP exhibition came to Warrington for one night only as DIY art collective Womanstanley made their mark on independent music venue Live Bar.

Ten artists of different disciplines used a variety of formats for a general theme exploring the nature of superstition.

Sophie New, co-founder of Womanstanley, who displayed a highly embellished corset and a jumpsuit made from a childhood duvet cover, said: “In times of uncertainty one thing we can rely on is the joy that comes from art and music.

“The arts bring people together and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to organise a pop-up in Warrington’s newest music venue.

Warrington Guardian:

“I love looking around the room and seeing happy faces, talking, pointing and dancing. The layout of the exhibition really lends itself to the surroundings.”

‘Star of the show’ was Jessi Belton who won over guests with framed drawings of Friday 13th themed imagery done in black pen on white paper.

Elsewhere, Claire Doyle's 'Monstrous Herbarium' was placed in backless box frames so the brick wall almost became part of the piece.

Tattoo artists Frances Barton and Rachael Haney displayed their designs on paper.

Cara Roberts' atmospheric photography portrayed a story without words that the viewer could follow into a magical yet very familiar world.

Claire Hill made keepsakes from reworked objects in small oval frames, reminiscent of vintage decor.

Eat Your Kids' bright and playful illustrations were a hit.

Cartoon fanatic, Courtney Jones displayed a selection of otherworldly women that scream from the pages.

And Roxy Ball, co-founder of Womanstanley, created a stretched hoop with embroidery and a monoprinted drawing, depicting a female pop culture icon.

Lindsay Hatton, from Live Bar, added: “We want to create an accessible venue for everyone in Warrington to enjoy. The Womanstanley event was a great opportunity to meet loads of different people, artists and musicians under one roof.”

Womanstanley’s next pop-up is November 1 with more details to follow.