ART and music will collide when a pop-up exhibition comes to Warrington’s Live Bar for one night only.

Womanstanley will be exploring the nature of superstition on Friday the 13th at the Barbauld Street venue.

The female-led art collective will be unveiling a range of sculptures, paintings, textiles and installations, while Pulp and Altered Images-inspired Sheffield band, The Seamonsters, will provide the ethereal soundtrack to the evening.

Sophie New, co-founder of Womanstanley, said: “Around 10 artists will explore superstitious beliefs and practices through their work.

“They’ll ask why it is that one person might tread prudently to avoid cracks in the pavement, while another might waltz beneath a ladder with no care for its potential repercussions.”

Womanstanley, a network of about 40 artists, is known for its DIY approach to the art world and hosting pop-up exhibitions in unusual places to engage with new people.

That is what led to the collaboration at Live Bar.

Sophie, a former St Gregory’s RC High School student, added: Lindsay and Joe who I’m working with at Live Bar are both musicians themselves and it really shows in their commitment to the venue and the artists that play.

“Music and art are a sweet combination, they go hand in hand and should be united more frequently in my opinion.

“I feel really lucky that the venue is not only accommodating an exhibition of artwork but is actively supporting it and making it really easy. It helps that we are DIY in our approach and can work with any space that is given to us or that we find.

“I hope people appreciate that they’re not entering a white wall gallery space, but instead being part of something that is accessible to almost anyone – whether a lover of art or not. Only an open mind is needed.”

Womanstanley has previously worked with Warrington Museum and Art Gallery on Nevertheless, She Persisted, an exhibition marking 100 years since women gained the universal right to vote.

But, for the bulk of their work taking art out of traditional spaces remains important to them.

Sophie, from Stockton Heath, said: “The art world can be unnecessarily exclusive and there is no room for that in Womanstanley.

“Galleries can be sterile and uninviting, preventing some from wanting to go in.

“Art is a matter of taste and often people can disregard that – being open to all kinds of art in all kinds of places is much more fun and much more fulfilling.”

Sophie, who has also recently launched an upcycled clothing and jewellery brand called Little Nell, added: “Our aim is to bring art to people in a relaxed setting, to accommodate artists who are committed and want to exhibit, to grow as artists and people and to celebrate the town and spread some excitement.

“The collaborative atmosphere is very positive. We show each other what were working on and give each other encouragement and critique in a respectful way. It is enjoyable because it’s so much better than being a lone wolf, feeling around in the dark without any interaction. Being part of something together is exciting for us.”

Womanstanley’s exhibition and The Seamonsters gig is at Live Bar in Barbauld Street on Friday, September 13.

Support comes from indie rock five-piece The Barratts and Warrington DJ Lisa Robertson.

The supernatural theme will continue with bijou cakes from Warrington-based treat maker, Tutti frutti cakes and confectionary.

Tickets can be bought in advance at