DISNEY is urging wannabe West End stars not to be left out in the cold ahead of UK auditions for Frozen the Musical in Manchester this summer.

The open call for the West End production will see auditions held in six cities ahead of the new show moving to London in autumn 2020.

The team will be seeking the following roles and/or cover:


20s – Reserved and hesitant, yet inherently regal, Elsa makes a stunning new Queen of Arendelle. However, she has been trained for over a decade to fear and hide her magical powers. Exceptional singer with a strong belt voice.


Late teens/20s – Optimistic, enthusiastic, and slightly dishevelled Princess of Arendelle. Naturally funny and courageously fearless, her greatest flaw – and her greatest strength – is her faith in love. Strong voice with a soprano/mix.


20s – A big-voiced snowman created by Elsa’s magic, Olaf is pure innocence, completely content to be anywhere, doing anything. Great singer.


20s – A human orphan raised by trolls in the forest, Kristoff is a self-reliant ice-cutter whose best friend is a reindeer, for whom he provides a voice so they can have conversations. Kristoff is naturally warm with a good heart, although he’s circumspect about Anna and her mountaintop mission. Baritone.


20s – The youngest of thirteen brothers, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is a real charmer – as handsome as handsome gets. Anna falls for his open wittiness on the spot – he gets her. Tenor.


50s – intolerant diplomat, the Duke of Weselton seeks any opportunity to get ahead. He seizes on Elsa’s “accident” to spread fear and discredit the entire royal family of Arendelle. Small in stature.

Producers add performers of all cultural backgrounds are sought for all roles.

What do I need to take with me?

You’ll need to bring sheet music for 16 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song.

An accompanist will be present.

You should also take your CV including a photo of yourself.

There is no need to submit any details beforehand. They will take them on the day.

What will happen at the open call?

You will be given a number, when your number is called you will go into the audition room to sing the 16 bars of song you have prepared.

It may be a long day so auditionees are advised to be prepared to wait around and take water and snacks.

What will happen after?

If producers would like to see you again, we will contact you by the 29th June 2019.

Where do the auditions take place?

The nearest location for residents is Manchester on Monday, 3 June at Studio 25, Church Street, M4 1PE.

Sign in takes place between 9am and 2pm.

You can see a full list of the other cities hosting auditions here

What if I don't get seen on the day?

Producers say in the unlikely circumstances that they can’t offer an audition to everyone that attends, they will offer you another opportunity to audition.

I live overseas, can I still audition?

If you are legally able to work in the UK, then yes. So you don’t have to travel for the first round please submit a self-tape and your CV to auditions@disneytheatrical.co.uk, and put the subject ‘Overseas Submission’.