A SINGER-SONGWRITER is hoping to inspire the next generation of Warrington performers to find their voice and their confidence through vocal coaching.

Kerry Sheree is a respected artist on the town’s circuit and has performed at the likes of Warrington Music Festival.

Now the former Birchwood High School student wants to help others in the spotlight with her one-on-one lessons which combine singing techniques and stagecraft with mindfulness.

She said: “Mindfulness is about being in the present moment where you’re not worrying about the past or anxious about the future which is the state of mind people are in most of the time.

“I’m most mindful when I’m performing. So I could have had the worst day or received terrible news but when I get on stage everything goes away and I’m not worrying about anything else that is going on.

“I’m enjoying being in that moment. It has so many benefits. It decreases anxiety and singing also releases endorphins so it acts as a natural anti-depressant as well.

Warrington Guardian:

Kerry got the idea for the lessons by chance when someone sent her a message saying her eight-year-old daughter wanted to be like her.

Five days later Kerry started as her vocal coach.

The 29-year-old added: “She really enjoyed it and she has been coming since. That first lesson inspired me and I thought: ‘This is what I need to do’

“I’ve now got about 10 students from the age of eight to someone in their 50s. One of my students has massively grown in confidence in school.

“I also have a new student who has suffered from depression since the age of 12 following a trauma.

“She was insecure about singing in front of anyone but now she’s going to be performing at my showcase in April.”

Kerry will be hosting a regular showcase featuring her students every three months.

The first one will be at the Acoustic Café in Sankey Street on April 20 between 7pm and 9pm and everyone is welcome. Kerry will also be performing afterwards at 9.30pm.

She said: “It’s a great opportunity and platform for my students’ first performance. Everyone is excited about it and is bringing family and friends.

“It’s for anyone who is interested in having lessons but wants to learn a bit more about what it’s about and the amazing talent I’m working with.

“For complete happiness you need peace of mind and that’s what mindfulness brings. Combining that with being creative and singing is like a double whammy.

“I want to inspire a new generation of singers.”