IT feels as though there is a new restaurant springing up in Stockton Heath every other week these days.

Within a few steps along London Road, you can pass eateries specialising in food from all over the road – from Greek, Thai and teppanyaki to barbecue, Turkish, Italian and good old-fashioned pub grub.

But one of the mainstays of Warrington’s culinary heartbeat is still as tasty as it ever has been.

First opened in March 2004, Tom Rogers and his sons have proudly been running Tom at 101 since.

Greeted by friendly staff, who are attentive throughout but never overbearing, a bowl of hummus – accompanied with toasted slices of pitta bread – are an excellent way to whet the appetite.

My partner in eating crime meanwhile opts for the homemade Thai fishcakes, which come served with an excellent chilli sauce and garnish.

I’m reliably informed that it would have even been the highlight of my companion’s meal, had it not been for what came next.

There is a wide variety of tempting foods mooted by the menu – we mull over options such as the butternut squash chilli, mac and cheese with lobster and the dish of the day in the form of the lemon and garlic maize-fed chicken.

But our eyes are inevitably drawn to the seven different types of steak ready to be grilled to perfection for our pleasure.

Tom at 101’s steaks – 28-day dry aged beef – are sourced from an award-winning supplies and come weighing in at up to 20oz, with a choice of four sauces available.

These slabs of meat are also available as surf and turf, should you so wish.

I opt for the 7oz fillet, while my companion opts for the 8oz sirloin with a side of grilled mushrooms.

While both are ordered medium rare but come medium, both steaks are phenomenally done – as juicy and tender as they come.

They come served with hand cut, triple cooked, beef dripping chips.

To well and truly finish us off, we order the undisputed king of desserts – the sticky toffee pudding (one to share between two due to the very small amount of space left in our stomachs).

It comes beautifully presented – decorated with a scattering of flower petals – and is the perfect sweet finale with its gooey toffee sauce and mouth-watering caramel ice cream.

All of this is washed down by a Southern Cross pale ale and a Sam Adams Boston lager respectively.

While it may have gained a few new neighbours over the years, Tom at 101 still stands out as a great dining destination in the foodie hotbed of Stockton Heath.