A LOT can happen in just a year.

Since reforming with a new line-up, The Ks managed to sell out their first headline show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute two months in advance following the hype from their debut single, Sarajevo.

In those 12 months they have also recorded a session for Manchester XS icon Clint Boon and now the band are set to share the Parr Hall stage with Slydigs before playing their own gig at Manchester’s Gorilla.

Frontman Jamie Boyle admitted that he often wonders what might come next – but he told Weekend he likes to keep his ego in check.

The 22-year-old, from Earlestown, said: “We try and keep our feet on the ground. We focus on what’s in front of us and see what happens after that.

“But it’s brilliant to be playing those sort of venues at this stage in our career.

“We’ve only been going a year with this line-up so relatively speaking we’re a new band.

“The success we’ve had early on has been great and we’re just looking to keep building on that.”

The Ks will be releasing the single, Got A Feeling, on the night of the Parr Hall gig and it will be almost as much of a celebration for them as it is for Slydigs as they have known the Burtonwood rockers since they were kids.

Jamie added: “We’re made up with the success they’ve had and our lead guitarist Ryan is the brother of Slydigs’ bassist Ben Breslin. We’ve known them for years and they help us out whenever they can.”

Ryan even joined Slydigs as a session guitarist when they got the huge opportunity to tour with The Who.

So does Ryan still show off about that?

Jamie said: “I wouldn’t say he shows off but he’s partial to bringing it up in conversation every now and again.

“It’s absolute madness and it’s brilliant for us to have someone as experienced as Ryan who has lived those experiences with Slydigs.”

The Ks have been part of the Warrington music scene for a while but they all but split up when most of the members went off to uni or got jobs.

Jamie relaunched the band with a new line-up last year and their first gig was at a David Bowie tribute night in February 2017 where they met Republic Music Management which now represents them.

They played Lazarus from Bowie’s last album Blackstar.

Jamie added: “It went down really well. Bowie has been a big influence on us but as a band I think one of the things that sets us apart is that we’ve all got so many separate influences as well. It really comes through in our songs. We put it all in a cocktail and throw it out together.”

Jamie was inspired to become a musician when he saw a video of The Jam playing In the City live at the circus.

Jamie said: “My dad Doug is mad on his music and mad on The Jam but I’d never taken much notice of it until then.

“I just can remember seeing that In The City video and being amazed by it and that’s why I started learning the guitar.”

Not that he could play the iconic track at first. He learnt The Libertines’ Don’t Look Back Into The Sun instead.

Jamie added: “I couldn’t play In The City back then. Thankfully I can now six years on!”

  • The Ks are supporting Slydigs at the Parr Hall on Friday. Visit pyramidparrhall.com