WITH legislation enabling you to drawdown your pension in one lump sum having now come into effect, thousands of people who may never before have considered becoming a landlord will be looking closely at buy-to-let as a possible option for getting the most from their pension pot.

However, many pensioners will be concerned about what is involved with becoming a landlord, and the potential risks and problems that could arise.

As they head into retirement after a long working life, they may not want the hassle that can be associated with being a landlord.

They will also want as much security as possible, given that their investment will be funded by their precious pension pot, for which there can be no replacement.

Buy-to-let is an appealing option because it gives investors the best of both worlds: a strong monthly income along with the potential for capital growth over the medium to long term.

There is also something very reassuring about an investment in solid bricks and mortar, which you can physically see and touch.

For pensioners who are attracted to buy-to-let but need extra reassurance on their path to becoming a landlord, there is a unique service on offer by property specialist Leaders.

Free of charge, Leaders’ Investor Network matches people seeking a buy-to-let investment with the ideal property for their individual investment needs.

Each property available through Investor Network has been carefully assessed by local lettings experts and offers a minimum five per cent yield and/or significant capital appreciation potential.

Phoebe Glover, Leaders’ Investor Network manager, said: “Every single property in our scheme has been hand-picked as having excellent investment potential.

“A large number are owned by landlords who are looking to sell after many successful years of investment, so they have a proven track record.

“Many are available to purchase with tenants already in place – who have been carefully vetted and have proven reliability – so the investor will start receiving rent from the day their purchase completes, without the need to put the property on the rental market.

“Before purchase they will also have access to details of the property’s maintenance history, rental income, inspection reports and tenancy records for previous years. This is very reassuring for investors as it gives them a clear idea, based on detailed and accurate records, of what to expect in the future.”

While six per cent is the average yield of the properties that have been sold via Investor Network so far, some properties offer yields as high as eight per cent.

However, for some investors yields are less of a priority than capital growth. For these Leaders has a selection of properties on offer chosen for their significant capital appreciation potential using official Government statistics to forecast the growth that can realistically be expected.

Typical return on these properties is around 15 per cent over five years.

Phoebe added: “As well as a selection of strong performing buy-to-let properties across the UK to choose from, the Investor Network includes expert and completely impartial advice and guidance every step of the way.

“Each investor is different, with different priorities, investment goals, attitude to risk and budgets.

“We work with you to make sure your investment is as close a match as possible for your needs and circumstances.

“We can also put you in touch with tried and trusted solicitors and mortgage advisors who we know will provide the highest calibre advice and service.”

Investors who purchase through Investor Network will receive a reduced rate on Leaders’ property management fees.

So those who prefer not to be involved in looking after their tenancy can hand their property and tenant over to an experienced property manager, who will take care of everything for them.

“This means no worries about calls from tenants regarding maintenance issues, no need to keep an eye on the property yourself or deal with things like inventories, late rent payments, checking your tenant in and out or anything else,” says Phoebe.

“Our qualified property managers have everything covered so you can relax in the knowledge that your investment is in safe and experienced hands, earning you an income while you enjoy your retirement to the full.”

Joining Investor Network costs nothing and all advice is free and completely impartial. For more details, call 01273 744881 or visit www.leaders.co.uk/pages/invest.