IS Warrington going to stay independent or is it going to merge with Runcorn?

On the ridiculous plans drawn up by Warrington Borough Council it intends to build 5,000 new houses in Walton and Moore (Warrington Guardian, August 3).

These houses will be built on green belt land.

They will virtually start opposite the Old Ship Inn, and be one big estate until ‘the estate’ ends just outside Moore village.

With Halton Council having built right up to Moore village from the west, and Warrington council’s ridiculous plans to build houses virtually up to Moore village from the east, Moore would be swallowed up and the two towns would meet.

This is why we must never build on green belt land.

But for some reason the members of Warrington Borough Council can’t see this.

Have they all been brainwashed, or do they really think this is a good idea?