I REFER to your article regarding the appointment of Peter Astley as the chief of staff for the police and crime commissioner David Keane at a staggering salary of £75,000 per annum (Warrington Guardian, July 6).

Not only this appointment but numerous more by Mr Keane as well.

The previous police and crime commissioner John Dwyer didn’t require this many staff to fulfil the role so why does David Keane?

This is yet another waste of council taxpayers’ money by a Labour-controlled council and Labour Police and Crime Commissioner.

The salaries of these unnecessary appointed staff could be well used on other projects in the town.

But hey ho you voted David Keane and this Labour council and both Labour MPs into power, so you deserve what you get.

Don’t be moaning when there is no money for your community projects or other services because your money is being wasted by these irresponsible individuals.