I UNDERSTAND that drivers make some mistakes as I am sure we all do.

But today I witnessed some atrocious driving.

I cannot understand why roundabouts are so confusing for some, with an older lady driver going the wrong way on the roundabout in Tesco on Winwick Road.

Luckily it is a very quiet slow roundabout and not something like the racetrack at Crosfields Island.

Later as we travelled along Midland Way and crossed to Priestley Street, I noticed an emergency response ambulance with blue lights on coming down Crosfield Street.

That vehicle turned and caught us up near Rock Oil and both myself and another driver pulled over to let it pass.

No problems there, until it got to the lights on Crosfield island and they were green.

Rightly, the driver passed carefully through only to be confronted by a car from the Sankey Way section pass on red.

The ambulance missed him or her by inches, through alert driving.

Then the same car went around the island and through another red light behind the ambulance response car.

I cannot think of anything more stupid as this idiot managed to go through two red lights and nearly collide with an ambulance with more flashing blue lights than could be seen at Blackpool Illuminations.

On getting nearer home we were nearly hit head on by a chap coming straight out of a junction without looking.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone ever thinks any more about their driving standards and trying to keep themselves and others safe.