WHAT is it about Warrington Borough Council?

They are obsessed with making Warrington a city (Warrington Guardian, July 6).

If the public would like city life we wouldn’t live in Warrington.

How on earth is the infrastructure going to cope with an estimated 24.000 new homes to be built by 2037 across the town?

Already the roads cannot cope with the sheer volume of cars.

If the council states it will improve the traffic solution, the answer is another set of traffic lights – problem solved!

A 20-minute journey is now taking an hour plus.

If we have a hospital appointment we set out about an hour-and-a-half earlier, 1) to get there by road and 2) to park.

We have got a hospital that wants to close its A&E at 8pm.

Stroke patients are going to be sent to Whiston, trauma patients sent to Aintree and vascular patients sent to Chester.

Warrington had a dedicated theatre team, so if an aneurysm patient arrived it was seen to immediately.

Now you have more chance of dying in the ambulance, A&E are telling patients with minor ailments to attend walk in centres, oh, and where is that in Warrington?

Sorry, you have to go to Widnes or Runcorn.

Heaven help you if you’ve got no car. The Omega development promises to be a high tech development, so what have we got?

Giant distribution centre warehouses.

So councillors, why not ask the public what we want?

And it wouldn’t be a city.

I haven’t written to the Warrington Guardian before, but Warrington Borough Council and their obsessions really make my blood boil.