WITH reference to John Clarke’s letter (Return limit ) calling for the return of a 40mph speed limit on the A562 Warrington Road in Penketh, could I please point out that since the speed limit was reduced to 30mph in 2002 conditions have dramatically changed.

The road is now full of hazards, prior to 2002 it used to be a clearway, now there are many vehicles half parked on pavements. One prime example is those parked outside Bargain Booze making it difficult for vehicles exiting Tavistock Road.

Another hazard is many motorists not adhering to the speed limit making it dangerous for other road users and pedestrians in this highly populated area.

I would also like to see the speed limit reduced on Sankey Way to 30mph or maybe speed monitoring along this stretch as many exceed the 40mph limit, this would make it safer and quieter for nearby residents by reducing the overall road noise.


Great Sankey