I HAVE felt compelled to put pen to paper about the so called die-hard Warrington Wolves fans.

I know things have not gone too well this season as we are the bottom of the league but I have faith that Tony Smith is the person that can get the boys out of this.

We have a great set of players who can achieve anything as we have proved in the past few years under Tony’s leadership.

Feelings are running high and I have noticed a couple of players on the pitch not happy with each other, with mistakes being made.

The team is at a low ebb and we seem to be getting knocked down further with some of the decisions we have had against us.

I know we have players with injuries and crazy bank holiday fixtures did not help as the players are exhausted.

The so-called fans who have been verbally abusing the players and hiding behind social media have no idea what the boys put their bodies through week after week.

I know that fans are allowed their opinions but it would be nice to have constructive criticism and not negative as that does not help anybody.

I have every confidence that we can turn this around.

The genuine fans are very much behind Tony Smith and the team, and the club as a whole, it is a small minority of ‘so called’ fans who give the rest of the fans a bad name.

Win or lose I support my team through thick and thin. Some fans forget what the club and the players do away from the rugby, giving up their free time to do things for fans.

I very much appreciate that, as my son has been treated fantastically by the players and nothing has been too much trouble for them.

But just to put things into perspective, as much as I want my team to win and do well, I will not get dragged into booing the players or verbal abuse as there are more important things going on like what happened just up the road in Manchester and London.

My thoughts and prayers are with those families who have lost loved ones and the people who have to live with injuries – both physical and mental.

Fans should be thinking about those people, and not verbally abusing players over a rugby game.