I HAVE used a local pharmacy collection and delivery service for 10 years, and have always received just the items I ordered from my repeat prescription for that month.

When my parents were alive I also accessed the service on their behalf.

I have found this to be a useful, efficient service (also recently available via a Smartphone app) and have never had any problem.

So it is disappointing to learn that this facility will be removed at some point as Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group believe it will save money by getting patients to order directly from their surgery.

This is fine for people who have internet access or who can get to a post box easily,. However working with older people I foresee that this could cause problems for them as some surgeries do not allow prescriptions to be ordered by phone.

Some of them don’t have family members available to order on their behalf.

I hope this decision will be considered carefully before removing the facility of ordering via a pharmacy.