NOW that the police have stopped committing highway robbery at the end of the duel carriageway at Penketh, isn’t it time that the road was returned to the 40mph speed limit which it was designed for?

Over the Runcorn and Widnes Silver Jubilee bridge there are two lanes of traffic travelling in the opposite directions with no division at 40mph.

But over the years it has proved to be safe.

Even so, it cannot be considered safer than driving along a duel carriageway where vehicles are going in the same direction with no opposing traffic.

Just because there is a supermarket and shops on opposite sides of the road should not present a problem because pedestrians have the means to stop the flow of vehicles.

The only time the road is busy is in the morning and in the evening, when you would find it difficult to maintain 40mph.

Throughout the day the road is only carrying light traffic.

It’s not easy to get people who make decisions over us to change their minds.

The decision to reduce the road to 30mph was made a long time ago by people who most likely will have retired by now.

Surely it is time for the council to reconsider its decision?

JOHN CLARKE Great Sankey