JUST after I received the Warrington Guardian this week (May 11) to read another Labour Party political broadcast from Mr G Brinksman, this time blaming the world’s media for Labour’s demise, I received the General Election leaflet from Helen Jones our Labour MP asking us to reelect her.

What an invidious position she finds herself in.

There was not a mention or picture of Jeremy Corbyn her party leader who seeks to be the country’s next Prime Minister.

On Brexit, she said: “I respect the result of the referendum, and as we leave the EU, we need MPs who stand up for their constituents.”

I would suggest what we need more Mrs Jones is a competent Prime Minister who loves her country, who isn’t afraid to sing its praises or sing its national anthem and is trying to garner as much support behind her, as she goes forward to try to get the best deal for Britain and it’s people and our future as we come out of the EU.

Not a man who all his life argued against the EU but then voted to remain and now doesn’t know how he wants to leave.

The fact that many Labour MPs are refusing to use Jeremy Corbyn in their election campaigns to help them retain their seats tells it all and what they think of him as a leader of their party.

Yet they want the people to vote for them to help bring him into Downing Street to the position where he will be the one to negotiate us out of the EU.

Again, Warringtonians should think hard if Corbyn is the man they want in Downing Street.

A EDWARDS Fearnhead