THE announcement of a new General Election this week doesn’t exactly leave me thrilled.

It feels like it has been election overload in recent years with the referendum last year and the General Election the year before.

Do we really need another one?

Have the people not already spoken enough about how fed up they are with politics and politicians.

I think there is a real danger that very few people will bother to vote.

Summer is coming and it will be school holidays for some.

And what of the cost of arranging this last minute? I thought the country had no money at the moment?

Democracy is an important thing but it is at real risk by this snap vote in my view.

I will be voting but I am fairly sure I won’t be following the coverage.

At least one bonus of having a quick election is that we won’t be swamped with election leaflets coming through the door for the next two months.

Fingers crossed anyway.