WHEN I read that Warrington was bidding to be City of Culture in 2021 I thought I’d got this wrong (Warrington Guardian, March 9).


Surely it wasn’t April 1?

We are not a city just a small town halfway between Liverpool and Manchester.

Together with operating a new bank when others are failing and to draw on the town’s reserves just for the first stage seems rather silly to me, especially as we can’t look after what we already have.

No support for the YMCA, which does sterling work with the homeless, losing bus routes, libraries suffering troublesome times, rumours of our A&E having to reduce opening times, paying for green bins to be emptied when these bins were provided by the council – the list is endless.

I am sure a public referendum would have been against such a large project (even with acquired grants and donations).

Let the cities battle it out for this status between them.

M SMITH Great Sankey