I ATTENDED the Super League match between Warrington and Wigan last week and I will be at Leigh on Thursday night.

I just hope the Warrington team will turn up.

On Thursday basic mistakes, coupled with stupid penalties and a lack of ideas, let down our team and the fans.

We know that you have the skill to get us out of this situation, so let’s see you apply more rugby than your one man game plan.

My final observation on Thursday night was that the refereeing didn’t help and certain players on the field lacked attitude.

It is the first time that hundreds of Warrington fans have started to leave the stadium with 17 minutes left.

So come on The Wire, give us a game to enjoy this week.

I don’t mind losing if there is effort put in.

You owe it to yourselves, your club and your fans.

Our season starts on Thursday, does yours?

TONY GANDY Warrington