I WOULD like to respond to Rod King’s letter celebrating the success of the 20mph speed limits recently placed on our streets.

If a new system is implemented it can only be deemed successful if it actually achieves the promised outcome, this certainly does not. To achieve any element of success drivers must adhere to the speed limit imposed and the majority of them do not.

I live on a fairly quiet road off a main A road, 99 per cent of drivers completely ignore the 20mph limit, in fact the latest game seems to be to go as fast as possible. Cars and vans have passed my house at speeds in excess of 40mph and 50mph.

Because my road is wider than some of those in the surrounding estate, it is used as a cut through and the speeds of some of these drivers beggars belief. I’m sure one vehicle exceeded 60mph!

There are young families around here and it would only involve one escaping toddler to result in a fatality at these dangerous speeds.

Drivers either deliberately ignore speed limits or think the 20 limit is not subject to law.

So, Mr King until drivers are taught the error of their ways and somehow forced to keep to 20mph, the scheme cannot be regarded as successful and is certainly not something to prematurely celebrate.

JULIA MCKIE Great Sankey