I WAS pleased to read that Craig Garner has seen his 1,000th consecutive match as a Wire supporter both in your column recently and in the article by Alex Bysouth in last week’s Guardian.

This is an admiral record and not easily attained.

However, I would like to point out that there are other supporters in addition to Craig who have watched the Wire for far more matches but have never received this sort of recognition, if any.

My husband, Ken Green, for instance has seen every home game at Wilderspool/Halliwell Jones Stadium since 1959 (55 years); which total well over 1,000 consecutive home matches as well the vast majority of away games during that period.

It has only been fairly recently that he has been unable to attend the French games because of a neurological disability.

Obviously in the 1960s and 70s as well as league games, Challenge Cup matches and playoffs together with friendlies and testimonials there were matches in the Lancashire Cup, John Player Trophy, BBC2 Floodlit Competition, Regal Trophy and the Captain Morgan Trophy.

There were considerably more games watched each season in those periods than there are now.

Ken has certainly seen well over 2,000 Wire matches and despite now being 68 has no intention of giving up. I am sure that there are also other supporters in addition to my husband who have records to be proud of.