IT’S a big deal that the Prime Minister has visited our town, but I’m sure readers of all political views (and none) were amazed that David Cameron came here empty-handed.

The Tory PM had nothing to offer on the issues that matter: Problems accessing GPs; hospital under pressure; new road tolls coming in for Warrington drivers on the Mersey bridges at Runcorn; traffic chaos because of the Ship Canal swing bridges closing so often; a sluggish economy with too many people still out of work, or not able to work as many hours as they need, or working very hard but not getting a fair wage.

If anything, Mr Cameron’s visit just reminds people of his broken promises on the economy, the NHS and education funding, and of the massive Tory tax breaks for millionaires – only a Labour Government will help every individual and family in Warrington to get on in life.

And Mr Cameron must be embarrassed that his ‘local’ Tory MP has admitted that he has moved out of Warrington, breaking his election pledge to live in this constituency. Yet another broken promise from the Tories.

Warrington people deserve much better than this. The choice at the General Election is five more years of Tory Government or a fresh start with a One Nation Labour Government that is on your side and supports the ambitions of our town.

NICK BENT Labour Parliamentary Candidate Warrington South