PETE Magill’s article, Opinion, July 24, was thought provoking and he made a very valid point regarding fair hearings generally.

However, should we not acknowledge that if you are present while an innocent person is kicked to death, it is not unreasonable to expect that you would want to take action to stop this happening?

The young man you mention in your article was very close by, to assert that he could not see what was happening is an offence to any decent person.

Without doubt everyone present could hear the screams of Mr Newlove and his family Let us have no more nonsense; Mr Newlove was brutally murdered, and anyone close enough to be covered in his daughter’s blood was close enough to know what was happening.

No credit is due therefore in this case for contemplating whether the perpetrators of this disgraceful act have had anything other than a fair hearing; Mr Newlove’s family, friends, and any right minded person might suggest that they have been treated more than fairly.