IS it just me appalled by the completely overgrown state of all the grassed verges in Orford?

I have been in contact with the council on a couple of occasions as the grass verge in front of my house has not been cut since April and the grass is more than a foot high.

The response from the council was that grass cutting has now gone onto an eight week rota.

Why? The British summer is very short and grass only needs cutting over a short number of months. With this in mind this would mean that on the current rota the grass verges will only be cut two or three times.

Everywhere is looking unsightly, neglected and forgotten. How the rota works also baffles me as one side of Capesthorne Road has been mowed but the other side hasn’t.

It seems we are paying increasing council tax bills but getting less in return and in the process turning Warrington into an overgrown eyesore

Tina Rabbitt Orford