THE council has announced that it is to close the recycling centre at Stockton Heath.

Thus leaving the residents of south Warrington with no recycling centre, along with only one leisure centre while the north has three and two recycling centres. Yet another example of the north-south divide that the current council seem to revel in.

I’d like to ask the council to explain how the closure of recycling centres helps to achieve the targets for recycling when it will obviously increase the amount of fly-tipping in the locality with an increase in cost to the council.

No doubt they will talk about the kerbside recycling and how efficient it has been.

Another example of councillors who couldn’t run a corner shop being given multi-million pound budgets to manage. The saying promoted above their level of competence comes to mind. Why has there not been a consultation period with residents, allowing everyone to have an input so the council can make an informed decision?

Jim Brown Appleton