WARRINGTON Borough Council is taking the pride out of Warrington.

How on earth can people take pride in where they live if the council cannot do its duty to keep all public areas clean and well presented.

Driving through Orford and other areas I have noticed roadside grass verges, roundabouts, playing fields and council-owned property all overgrown.

Over the past 20 years the council’s revenue has increased due to new developments, all of which pay towards local services.

It seems to me it is take, take, take and it does not want to give anything back.

I think the council needs to rethink how it spends the money it has available as cost cutting does not seem to be cutting grass.

If the shoe was on the other foot and a member of the public had a messy garden that was overgrown, I am sure it would be sending out letters.

So if a member of the council is reading this, please do something about this ridiculous eyesore and spend all that money you have on where it is most needed.