IT seems the Olympic legacy is strong in Warrington with Wilderspool Causeway footpaths becoming our answer to a cycling velodrome.

And the speed of some of the Wiggins wannabes would give the gold medallist a run for his money.

But who are we, the pedestrians, to get in the way of these two-wheeled menaces? After all the roads are too dangerous for the cyclists – they would prefer to pass the danger on to pedestrians.

But cyclists aren’t totally averse to danger because very few of them wear a helmet – perhaps an indication there isn’t much between the ears worth protecting.

The lack of a suitable cycle lane is clearly something that needs to be addressed but this doesn’t give cyclists the right to endanger people walking along the footpath.

If one of the cyclists was to hit an elderly person then the consequences could be fatal.

Death, heartache and a prison sentence is probably not the legacy they had in mind.

JED MAXWELL Stockton Heath