I WAS shocked, appalled but in no way surprised by Clr Vobe’s letter in last week’s Guardian.

There is no excuse for the way he maligned and misrepresented Paul Campbell.

His reference to Paul’s time as executive board member shows total misunderstanding of the workings of local government finances.

He makes great play of the fact that Paul represented a ward in which he did not live conveniently ignoring the fact that 13 of the present Labour members do not live in the wards they represent.

Paul is a very public-spirited, community-minded man of integrity who made a very valuable contribution to the borough during his time of office and he does not deserve to be vilified in this way.

Clr Vobe has the potential to be a very good politician but his obsession with maligning and misrepresenting political opponents does a great disservice to himself and the Labour party he purports to represent. The best politicians, although having different views, have respect for each other.

Clr Sheila Woodyatt Lymm