HAVING lived in Warrington for more than four years I would like to come to the town’s defence.

I have heard negative comments over that time but I find it a great place to live with a lot of potential and will be staying to be part of it.

Having grown up on the south coast I think the lower cost of living and friendly people of the north west are positive aspects.

I believe there are worse places in the country to be.

Warrington, although a ‘new town’ which has grown fast during the past 40 years and continues to, has an interesting history going back a few hundred years and some great buildings like the Town Hall.

I know there have been tragic events like the 1993 bomb but the Peace Centre was founded, which I have volunteered for and does great work both here and for individuals elsewhere.

There may be parts of the town that are rundown and need work and regeneration, but now plans for the market, stadium quarter and other areas are going ahead.

New bars in and a round Palmyra Square and the cultural quarter are also taking the town in a positive direction. I am proud to live here and hope to be part of its future as it grows and develops with a mix of people from many different areas.

Dan Warren Cinnamon Brow