I WOULD like to share with readers a recent bus journey.

As a driver I rarely use the bus and after today it isn’t something I want to do again.

Please note this is not because of any of the drivers. They must have the patience of saints to deal with some passengers.

I was travelling to town on the Orford bus with my sister and we both had prams. At the next stop a woman got on with a pram so room was made for her. This left no space. This woman had a pram with a young child in it and a toddler sat on her knee. At the next stop a man was told there were already three prams but he ignored the driver, got on anyway and left the woman to stand with her toddler.

On the journey back we got on the bus along with another woman with a pram and there weren’t many more people on the bus.

As my sister was trying to get her pram in the space to leave the aisle clear, a very rude woman came up to us and proceeded to get past while we were trying to sort the pram.

At no point did she say excuse me or stop for one second, she had no intention of doing either. In the end we had to force the pram out of the way which resulted in it snapping but she got her seat.

Towards the end of the journey I heard a man start swearing at the bus driver as he walked down the aisle. He accused the driver of not stopping when he rang the bell. At no point did I hear the bell ring, the driver stopped straight away and apologised to the man which only led to the driver receiving more abuse. I am so appalled at the rudeness of some people. How the drivers deal with this is beyond me.

So next time if you get on a bus and there is pram don’t huff and puff because they have just as much right to be on the bus as you. After all it is public transport.

Oh and a thank you to the driver would be nice.