THE comments made by Steven Broomhead and Helen Jones MP indicate a worrying lack of knowledge about how HS2 will serve Warrington.

We were never going to be on the line directly, it would pass either to the east or west. The option chosen via Crewe means Warrington will be served by classic compatible trains that will travel only the last 20 miles or so over the existing 125mph line into Bank Quay. But it will be served, which Helen Jones implies is not the case. Further north, the next projection will not serve Wigan or Preston. As with Warrington it is not feasible to pass through the town centres. The north west suffers from having smaller towns and cities which HS2 cannot serve directly I suggest anyone interested in informed opinion to read the information on as to why the final route was chosen over the many looked at.

Doubtless UKIP and others will say we just cannot afford the line, but its yearly construction cost at £2 billion is less than we spend on pet food, one sixth of cigarettes, one 20th of alcohol and one 80th of defence equipment. This is not necessarily to decry these items, but to put the amount into perspective.

I sympathise with the villagers of Culcheth, but they will have the opportunity in the forthcoming consultation process to call for a green tunnel as provided many times in Kent on HS1.