ARE there no more real girls in Warrington?

All the ones I see are Big Brother obsessed, fake tanned wannabe WAGs, acting like desperate Scousewives fancying celebrities they will never get to marry.

I find it tragic that this is a sad reality in Warrington and other other towns.

The fact that girls worship vain, shallow ‘icons’ like Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger is weird. I see so many Warrington girls trying to achieve the TOWIE look, which is quite frankly repulsive. You see in magazines women of about 20 bursting into tears and fainting when they meet Lauren Goodger at a ‘signing’. The thing that worries me is that it’s not just gullible women who watch these programmes, I know a lot of intelligent females who watch them, my friend being one.

TOWIE is not a real documentary it is all scripted.

I tuned into the show for about 30 seconds and actually felt myself losing the will to live as I heard Mark Wright speak.

I find it alarming how many clones of these people I see in Warrington – girls who look like they have a disfunctioning liver from fake tan, hair straightened and coloured to within an inch of their lives.

Their appearance certainly achieves the wannabe WAG’s ultimate aim — attracting attention.