Our last camp in December saw us face two top German club teams and the hosts of the tournament LC Brul, a top Swiss team, and we played each team twice which meant we had six games to play over two days.

We gained one close victory against one of the top German teams and a draw against the Swiss team. A lot of tired legs and injuries prevented us from achieving any more than that along with the experience, power and great height of our opponents.

I personally had some good performances in this tournament but, like all the others, felt the force of six games in two days and couldn’t wait to rest my legs for over the Christmas break. However it was a fantastic experience to get a taste of playing against such world class teams and to play against a different style of handball other than Scandinavian, which I am used to.

It also gave me the chance to not only measure up to how far we had to go as a team but how far I had to go as an individual, how far I had to go before I could compete with these girls on a regular basis, which won’t be long I hope! It was a great way to end 2009!

This was our last training camp and time together before the second test in our European Championship Qualification which puts us up against Iceland at home and away.

In an ideal world we should meet up more often before such big games but due to the lack of funding this just wasn’t possible. Therefore this leaves us to go away and work extremely hard with our club teams to make sure we all have something to give in the games against Iceland.

Asker didn’t hit it off with 2010 to begin with. We won our first game but with no praise from our coach Vigdis. It was a very poor performance from all of us and possibly one of the worst games I have played all season!

Our second game was away against a side bottom of the league, an easy chance for us to get our confidence up and get back on top. We won that game comfortably and I also got back on track!

However, it wasn’t enough as we lost our next game against a team we had beaten by 13 goals in the first part of the season! We lost by three and this wasn’t what we had hoped for, in fact this loss has made it a little harder for us to win the promotion.

In order to go up we cannot afford to lose any more matches now and must beat the team above us (Follo) by three goals. This will be the last game of the season taking place on 21st March just ten days before GB meet Iceland. But we are on our way to achieving this as we won again on Saturday by ten goals. I scored nine in that game and again feeling very confident that we can continue to win!

Another addition to the team has also recently got our spirits up as we have a new goalkeeper. Our previous goalkeeper broke her Achilles in one of our games which was a big blow to the team. Hopefully our new star will help us on our journey to the First Division. The next two months prove to be very exciting with Asker and GB!

Iceland are possibly the weakest team out of our group, but still a step above us and a very tough rival. I am sure we will all bring something new as individuals into the games against Iceland which will be yet another very challenging game for us.

Good performances, improvements and results against Austria and France make us confident we are able to go on with it against Iceland too. We will continue with our GB spirit, fight and be competitive!