The past two months have been eventful and exciting - both with Great Britain and my club team, Asker, in Norway.

October began with two international games against Austria and France. We played Austria in Feldkirchen and hosted France in Crystal Palace, London. It was a fantastic experience for us to play at such a high level and with lots of intensity.

We faced tall, experienced and well trained Austrians, and it was quite daunting at first. But the nerves disappeared as the game went on and we showed strength in defence and fought hard only going down 30-20.

The following Saturday we played France which was a lot tougher than the game in Austria. France are former World Champions and all of their players play at the highest level.

It was a very tough game as they proved to be a lot fitter and faster than us by scoring many goals on the fast break which made it very difficult for us to keep up.

There was a great atmosphere on the court, the crowed pushed us on and became the eighth man on the court. We went down 42-16 but gained so much from both games.

The camp gave us an idea of where we should be in the next few years and we got the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world all in one week!

Since then the majority of my focus has been on playing well and working hard back in Norway with my club team. Jukesy, Fudge and me have played eight games for Asker and we have won seven of the eight.

Six of those games we have won by at least 10 goals. Last week we played our last game in 2009 and won 35-25 which put us to the top of the table, meaning we could be playing 1st division handball next season if we continue to stay there.

The training has also been extremely tough the past month. Jukesy, Fudge and I have not only been training with Asker and in the gym, but with a private sports school called Wang which include some of the best young players in the country.

On Tuesdays we also go to a session that takes place at 7.30am with Marit Brevik who is one of the best handball coaches in the world.

Marit was the previous Norwegian National Team coach and had lead Norway to many, many World Championship and Olympic victories. I have also trained with a local team, Nordstrand who are competing in the best league in Norway.

The three of us who are based here in Asker have definitely made improvements since the last GB camp and are learning a huge amount from going to these extra sessions with the help of Vigdis (who is also the GB assistant coach). Something which I can’t wait to put into practise in the next camp in London and Switzerland later this month!

In two weeks the camp begins and we will start in London before heading to Switzerland for a tournament over the weekend. We are going to be competing against top Swiss club teams which should be good preparation for our next international game against Iceland at the end of March and a great end to the year!