WE did it. We beat Finland, something that had been on my mind for the past three months. It was the biggest victory a Great Britain handball team has ever had and I was part of it.

This means that now we get to play in the European Championship qualification tournament against France, Austria and Iceland, something that seemed so far out of our reach when the programme began three years ago.

We will meet Austria and France in the first stage next week and I’m extremely excited going into the games as it’s our chance to get a taster of handball at its highest level. Something we are all hungry for.

Preparation has been good in the two weeks we have had between the games, I have been working hard with my team in Norway, Asker Handball Club. I had a cup match with the Asker Under-20s team five days after the home leg against Finland. Unfortunately we lost that game by 5 goals but I gained a lot from the match as I got the opportunity to compete against some top players in my age group.

A good week of training followed with high intensity as the ladies team played a league game in which my GB team-mates Kathryn Fudge, Louise Jukes and myself played in. We won 29-22 and I managed to score six goals and got 50 minutes playing time so that’s 4 wins out of 4 for us and we are now top of the league. All in all, really good preparation leading up to the coming week!

We all know it will be a tough test for us and are not expecting two easy victories, but will give our best, play our hearts out and most importantly learn from some of the best players in the world.

It will be a great test for us as it will be a taster of the competition we will face in London 2012 and a measurement of how far we have to go in the next three years leading up to the Olympics. I’m definitely looking forward to next week and can’t wait to see how we do!

* Holly Lam-Moores – and the rest of the British team – receive no living expenses from British Handball, and are all appealing for sponsorship to help keep their Olympic dream alive.

Any businesses willing to help Holly, perhaps by sponsoring this regular blog in the Guardian, should contact British Handball media officer Frazer Snowdon on 0845 230 0803 or 07866 004382.