FULL back Matty Russell could be in line to make a start against Huddersfield Giants next week after impressing boss Tony Smith in Wolves’ loss to Wigan.

Russell came on at full back when Stefan Ratchford moved to stand off and looked lively for a Wolves side who had been struggling to break down the Wigan defence.

And Smith hinted the 20-year-old Scotland international could soon be set for a starting place.

“We were looking for a spark and Matty sure gave us a spark when he came on, as he has done for the last couple of weeks,” said Smith.

“He’s getting closer to forging his way in, he’s had some injury and frustrations and now he’s getting closer to his opportunity arising.

“He’s shown a whole lot in each of the games he’s been in, so we’ll certainly have a closer look at Matty for next week.

“I think he’s feeling more comfortable being in and playing with our guys, so I think he’ll be pushing very hard I’d say.”