WIRE’S 2014 season is almost upon us.

To have Wigan bottom of Super League before Wire even play a game has to be considered a good start of sorts.

What a game to start the season with, a home clash with St Helens, a team that many people believe have recruited the best for the new season.

Wolves have been relatively quiet on the recruitment front, with Asotasi and England brought in to replace the grunt up front of Morley, Carvell and Cooper.

At full back out has gone the experience, class and guile of Hodgson to be replaced by the youthful exuberance and agility of Russell.

Perhaps most intriguing of all is the return of Kevin Penny, has the electrifyingly quick and majestically evasive winger added defensive and high ball security to his game after costing him a place a few years ago?

It promises to be an intriguing season all round, with all the top teams having more question marks over their title winning credentials than they would like, with the added curiosity of seeing just how good Salford can be.

Will Gareth O’Brien, Stefan Ratchford or Michael Monaghan fill in for Briers at stand-off?

Will Myler take on the role of lead team organiser in attack?

Will Russell or Ratchford be able to successfully replace Hodgson?

Can Penny re-establish himself as one of the most dangerous wingers in Super League?

Will Currie go from being one of the best young players in Super League to being one of the best players?

Will our first opponents of the season be our last of the season at Old Trafford?

Of course I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I do know we should have a lot of fun finding out.

Besides, I’ve heard somewhere it’s always our year.