MEET the girl who impressed councillors and residents alike with her moving speech opposing Arpley’s five year plan.

Olivia Mckiernan, aged nine, told the development control committee about flies coming into her home, smells spoiling games in the garden with her friends and lorries splashing her and speeding through the lights when she is trying to walk to school.

The Great Sankey Primary School pupil, who lives on Liverpool Road, said: “I want Arpley to close down and don’t want lorries going past the house any more so I decided to say something.

“I was a bit nervous but I enjoyed it and would do it again!”

Olivia was praised by councillors after the meeting and even received a congratulatory card from Warrington South MP David Mowat.

Mum and dad Roisin and Gary said they were ‘massively proud’.