WARRINGTON Wolves have confirmed that they backed the proposed changes to the Super League structure, despite initially fighting against them.

Wolves chairman Steven Broomhead admitted the club expressed concerns but ultimately went along with the rest of the Super League clubs as they voted unanimously last week to overhaul the league structure.

The changes cut Super League and the Championship to 12 teams each, which then split into three groups of eight once 23 regular season games have been completed, with the top eight going on to fight for the Super League trophy.

The middle eight – featuring the bottom four from Super League and the top four from the Championship – will then battle for a place in the top flight the following season.

“Initially we did vote against it, but at the reconvened meeting of the Super League clubs we had an in-depth discussion about the structures, the governance of the game and the commercial implications,” said Broomhead.

“Certainly before Christmas we had quite a confrontational debate about this.

“But having had vigorous discussions about the move from 14 to 12 teams and then splitting into three eights, yes, we did support it.

“All the clubs at that most recent meeting voted unanimously in support of those proposals.”

A plethora of structural decisions are still to be made about how the three-leagues-of-eight system will work.

Will the top eight carry the points from the previous 23 matches into the play-offs? Is it then the top four who will fight it out in the play-off semi finals after another seven games?

Wolves say their main concern throughout the process has been their fans and what the commercial implications are for selling season tickets for a two-part season.

“One of our concerns early on was how you sell this to the fans, but until all the details are sorted out in terms of the three eights then I can’t comment,” said Broomhead.

“But I can say that one of our biggest concerns was how would the fans react to this, how we would market it and how we would sell it. That is a big challenge for us going forward.”

Super League clubs and the RFL are to decide the finer details of the new structures in meetings on Friday and Monday.