BRENT Webb made history on Friday as the first man to be sin-binned twice in a match at The Halliwell Jones Stadium.

In my view, the Kiwi inter-national was lucky not to have spent more time off the field.

He didn’t read the script. It was supposed to be Louis Anderson and Bennie Westwood snarling at each other.

It worked against Catalan that Webb, and a number of his teammates, spent too much time letting out aggression in the wrong way.

In the right frame of mind, Webb can be such a dangerous player.

Brought to the English game in 2007 by Tony Smith when he was boss at Leeds Rhinos, Webb can deliver telling passes like an extra half back – in a similar manner to the way in which Brett Hodgson operates for Wolves.

And with being quite a finisher too, Catalan Dragons would have seen Webb as a tidy replacement for departed Aussie Clint Greenshields this year.

It took only two minutes for Webb to show some red mist.

After being dumped on his derrière by Simon Grix and Westwood, he was lashing out as he struggled to get back on his feet to play the ball.

Incensed Westwood pulled back his arm with a clenched fist but thought better of it.

The incident was ignored or missed by the officials and set the tone for later in the night.

Early in the second half, something developed between Webb and Micky Higham, who had just arrived on the pitch for his 100th Wolves appearance.

As an exchange of words ensued, Webb was almost in the way of Wolves’ attacking shape at a play-the-ball.

Referee Richard Silverwood even had to stand between them as play carried on. Webb could only have been in that position by being offside, but nothing was done about it.

The game was simmering and finally blew up completely when a ‘chat’ between Webb and Westwood ended in fisticuffs, with players running in to ‘help sort it out’.

I can’t help thinking that it would not have got to that stage had Silverwood acted in the second minute or on subsequent occasions that punishment was light or non-existent.

And it is my opinion, that when Webb appeared to be goading Westwood after being shown his second yellow card, Silverwood should have taken out his magic wand and changed it to red.

I would feel the same way about any professional player who loses his rag to such extent.