WHILE much of Wolves’ time on their training camp in Tenerife is being spent working on finalising the team's organisation on the field, Tony Smith revealed that the week is offering the kickers a chance to adapt to a contentious change ahead of the 2013 season - the new Rhino ball!

Players have complained about the ball’s lightweight feel, movement in the air and less grippy skin.

“We have got Colin Stevens, our kicking coach, out here with us,” said Smith.

“He normally gets one or two sessions per week with our players, but he is out here all week and the extra time will help all our kickers get used to using the new ball, which is a bonus.

“The fact we only knew about the change of ball a week or so before we started training wasn’t ideal, but it is what we have to play with, so we won’t bother whinging about it.”