DISGRUNTLED Wolves fans are facing a frustrating wait at Manchester Airport.

Many supporters are travelling out to Spain today ahead of Wolves’ clash with Catalan Dragons across the border tomorrow evening.

Up to 100 fans are together on an organised trip, staying in Lloret de Mar before travelling to Perpignan tomorrow, while more are expected to have made their own arrangements.

More fans have got in touch, with those on the Catalan Sports Tour, stopping in Santa Susannah, also delayed at Manchester.

Supporters expecting to catch the 8am flight from Manchester to Barcelona face delays of more than six hours, with departure re-scheduled for 2.15pm.

However, the flight has now been put back another 25 minutes and is set to depart at 2.40pm.

Richard Silverwood, referee for tomorrow’s game at Stade Gilbert Brutus, is among the passengers stuck at Manchester Airport.

Wolves fans are said to 'making the best of it', with some enjoying cocktails at the airport.

The Guardian spoke to Andy Sinclair earlier, who left his home in Woolston at 4am this morning. He does not expect to reach Lloret until 6.30pm this evening.

“We got here about 5.45am, straight through passport control etc and in duty free for half six,” said the 45-year-old.

“Then we noticed it had been delayed by an hour, everyone was sitting around thinking in about 45 minutes the gate will open.

“But then the announcement said that it was operational problems and we have heard they’re getting another plane – first we heard it hadn’t left Barcelona, then we heard it was coming from Amsterdam.

“I’m talking now when really we should be touching down. If we do leave at 2.15pm then that’s 3.15pm their time and we’re not looking at getting to Lloret until about 6.30pm.

“We are just all fed up, we’ve been up since 4am this morning. You don’t want to be sitting around the airport, not when you are getting texts from people who flew from Liverpool saying they’re already there.”

Rumours are circulating among fans that more than a four-hour delay will see them refunded for the flight, but Andy is also frustrated at missing out on almost a whole day of his four-night break.

“It’s a nightmare, if you go with the weather then today and tomorrow are supposed to be scorching hot but Saturday and Sunday are not very good,” he added.

“The rumour is if we are delayed more than four hours we get our money back, so we thought they’d be trying to get it sorted before the four hours.”

Warrington Guardian’s chief photographer Mike Boden, travelling with Andy to the game, added: “They handed us all vouchers for £10, so we’ve had some breakfast. But it didn’t go far as breakfast came to £9.47 – there wasn’t much change.”

The organised trip leaves Lloret at 3pm tomorrow for an hour-and-a-half trip to Perpignan, where the game kicks off 9pm local time.

Andy added: “I would have liked to have seen us beat Widnes and Wakefield and then this one I wouldn’t be particularly bothered about, as it’s all about next week.

“But he (Tony Smith) is obviously rotating the squad in game time with(Stefan) Ratchford, (Chris) Bridge and Ben Westwood last week . Hopefully their heads are elsewhere and on Leeds next week.”

Wolves' staff and players have successfully landed in Barcelona having taken an earlier flight.