TONY Smith believes relegated London Broncos were always going to get their ‘backsides kicked’ after failing to prepare properly for the Super League season.

While Wolves made it 10 successive wins with a 72-12 victory over Broncos, for the London side it meant a 20th Super League defeat of the season.

And Smith says the club’s preparation befor the season was not of Super League standard.

“For the London club and for Super League it shows you how not to get ready for a rugby league season,” said Wolves’ head of coaching and rugby.

“All they are doing is paying the price for having a handful of players at the start of the season, when the rest of us through November and December were all settled and working hard.

“We were all honing in our skills for a long and arduous season, when you don’t do that did you expect anything else? Did you expect anything else other than the results they are getting?

“It doesn’t matter who was going to coach them, it was going to be a year for relegation, when you go into the season so unprepared they were always going to get their backsides kicked.

“If they didn’t you’d have to look at the rest of us. It’s how not to do things and how not to improve the standard of Super League when they are so ill-prepared like London were.”

Smith also admits he does not feel sorry for Broncos’ head coach Joey Grima, having suffered a season of relegation early in his coaching career at Huddersfield.

“It was great for me, I learned plenty of lessons and it set me up for a fantastic career in terms of learning and learning how to cope with adversity and keep your team motivated,” he added.

“I was very privileged to go through 15 losses, so I look back at it as a huge part of my career that I reflect on constantly.

“We sign up for the good, bad and the ugly. I went through 15, Joey’s only had a handful of them, only been in charge for half of what they’ve been through.

“He’s inherited a team that are suffering, but suffering because of the stuff off the field. What I would say is those young boys are out there trying their cotton socks off every week.

“Most of us will have seen the score line at Wigan and expected Wigan just dominated, go and have a look, they were really feisty for the first 35 minutes, they were terrific last week.”

And the Wolves boss insists his side were prepared for Broncos’ ferocity in Super League Round 20.

“We prepared as well as we could to get ready for a feisty team,” he explained. “We knew we could get a score line like we did today if we tried really hard.

“They’re a team of triers, trying their socks off and should be proud of what they’re doing. It’s the other part that got let down.

“The preparation, recruitment and having a solid off season and being prepared for a tough contest that we call Super League rather than mediocre league – they prepared for mediocre.

Smith knows Grima from his time at Parramatta Eels, where brother Brian Smith was coach for nearly a deacde up until 2006.

“Joey was there when I was working at Parra, he was with the junior set up and he’s come through the system,” said Smith.

“He’ll be learning even more on the run, you often learn through some of the hardest tests, sometimes we don’t allow some of our talented young coaches the time to learn.

“Through no fault no fault of their own we pull the rug out from under them when they’re really getting the best grounding they could get.

“Hopefully they’ll do that with Joey, give him time and don’t do the knee-jerk reaction and put the blame on the coach.

“Get your selections right in the first place and then support the coach, fortunately that’s what we did at Huddersfield in my time.

“First year relegation, second year undefeated, third year stable and fourth year I moved on – there are some messages there for other clubs.”